Class DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin

  extended by org.dlese.dpc.index.writer.ServletContextFileIndexingPlugin
      extended by org.dlese.dpc.index.writer.DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin
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public class DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin
extends ServletContextFileIndexingPlugin

A FileIndexingPlugin that indexes meta-metadata about items (educational resources) in the index.

$Header: /cvsroot/dlese/dlese-tools-project/src/org/dlese/dpc/index/writer/DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin.java,v 1.1 2004/09/10 01:58:06 jweather Exp $

$Log: DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin.java,v $ Revision 1.6 2010/07/14 00:18:49 jweather -All Lucene-related classes have been upgraded to Lucene v3.0.2. Major changes include: --Search results are now returned in a new ResultDocList Object instead of a ResultDoc[] array. This provides for more efficient searching (does not require an additional loop over results as before) and expandability (methods can be added to the ResultDocList to support future fuctnionality) and better utilizes the built-in Lucene classes for search than before (TopDocs, Sort, etc.) --Uses Lucene Sort class for sorting at search time. Replaces logic that sorted results after the search (deprecated but still supported for backward-compatibility) - Final previous version was tagged in CVS with 'lucene_2_4_final_version' Revision 1.5 2009/03/20 23:33:53 jweather -updated the license statement in all Java files to Educational Community License v1.0. Revision 1.4 2007/07/05 22:29:35 jweather -Upgradded from Lucene v1.4.3 to Lucene v2.2.0 (code merged from lucene-2-upgrade-branch to head) Revision 2007/07/05 21:12:25 jweather -Updated Field BooleanQuery method calls to use Lucene 2.0 syntax Revision 1.3 2004/10/08 17:35:53 jweather fixed the "too many open files" problem when DDS is auto-reloaded in Tomcat multiple times Revision 1.2 2004/09/10 22:46:05 jweather added XML format (docType) and collection (docGroup) to the FileIndexingServicePlugin Revision 1.1 2004/09/10 01:58:06 jweather FileIndexingPlugins for use in the DDS Servlet indexing of items

John Weatherley
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addFields(File file, org.apache.lucene.document.Document newDoc, org.apache.lucene.document.Document existingDoc, String docType, String docGroup)
          Indexes a single field 'DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin' with the value 'true'.
static File getMetaMetadataFile(File metadataFile)
          Gets the meta-metadata file associated with the given metadata file.
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Constructor Detail


public DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin()
Method Detail


public static final File getMetaMetadataFile(File metadataFile)
Gets the meta-metadata file associated with the given metadata file. The file that is returned is not guaranteed to exist.

metadataFile - A metadata File
The meta-metadata File associated with the File


public void addFields(File file,
                      org.apache.lucene.document.Document newDoc,
                      org.apache.lucene.document.Document existingDoc,
                      String docType,
                      String docGroup)
               throws Exception
Indexes a single field 'DDSItemMetaMetadataIndexingPlugin' with the value 'true'. The index may be searched using this field/value to determine which records have been indexed using this plugin.

file - The file that is being indexed
newDoc - The new Lucene Document that will be inserted in the index for this file
existingDoc - The previous Lucene Document that existed for this record, or null if not available
docType - The docType for this file, for example 'adn', 'dlese_collect' (equivalent to XML format in the DLESE metadata repository)
docGroup - The docGroup associated with this file, for example 'dcc', 'comet', or null if none is associated (equivalent to the collection key in the DLESE metadata repository)
Exception - Exception should be thrown to index this Document as an error
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